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Lesser Known Tribes of Indus Kohistan

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The Languages and Dialects of Indus Kohistan

            In addition to the main two languages of Shina and Kohistani, Batochi or Bateri, Chilsio, Gabari, Pashto, Gojri and Pahari languages are spoken in this region. The term of Dardic or  Dadric is used for Shina and Kohistani languages for the sake of linguistic identity. This term has nothing to do with the genealogy. (Dardic is only a linguistic term; it has no ethnic, social or historical meaning or any such implications. (Fussman, 1989).

             Shina and Kohistani are the major medium for communication in the local bazaars while Urdu and Pashto are used in the offices. Urdu is the medium language in educational institutes and Pashto is taught as an optional subject. The "Tablighi Nisab" (Preaching syllabus) is read and dictated in the mosques and homes in Urdu. (Here, we will only briefly mention about these languages because our topic is Shin tribes and not linguistics.