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Homepage of Razwal Kohistani

Lesser Known Tribes of Indus Kohistan

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Chilssio (Chilsyo, Chiliis)

            It is the dialect of Chhilis community who are settled in Maharin area in Kolai and in Jalkot and in Juglot of Gilgit area. There were about eleven branches of the Chilis who spoke this dialect. Now only two branches called Lashra and Nasra speak it as their mother tongue. These people were in Jalkot until 1500 A.D where they had migrated to from Chilas. Numerous natives of this dialect have forgotten it and now speak Shina dialect. The "Damsangian" in Maddakhel and many other Chilis branches have forgotten this dialect.


CHILISSO [CLH] 1,600 to 3,000 (1992 SIL). All may not be speakers.  Scattered families in the Koli, Palas, Jalkot area of the Indus Kohistan, east bank of the Indus River. Alternate names: CHILISS, GALOS.  Classification: Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Northwestern zone, Dardic, Kohistani.