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Homepage of Razwal Kohistani

Lesser Known Tribes of Indus Kohistan

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            This language is spoken on the west bank of Kohistan in Bankhar, Dober, Jijal, Pattan, Kehal, Seo, Razqa and Khandia valley. The variations of this language prevail in Kalam Kohistan and Dir Kohistan. It is also called Kalami, Gowari and Beshkark also in these places. It is the native language of Mani and Manzari tribes in Kohistan.


            There is a literal, phonological (phoniai) and structural (sooriati) interaction between Shina and Kohistani languages. Much research has been done on this language. Maulana Ghulam Esa wrote a Kuranic interpretation in this language and published it. Currently, Kalam Cultural Society is carrying out researches and publishing in this language. Radio Peshawar releases broadcasts in this language.


KOHISTANI, INDUS [MVY] 220,000 (1993).  Indus Kohistan District on the western bank of the Indus River. Alternate names: KOHISTANI, KOHISTE, KHILI, MAIYON, MAIR, MAIY, SHUTHUN.  Dialects: INDUS (MANI, SEO, PATTAN, JIJAL), DUBER-KANDIA (MANZARI, KHILI).  Classification: Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Northwestern zone, Dardic, Kohistani.