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Lesser Known Tribes of Indus Kohistan

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They are populated in Kolai. Their several families are found in Allai, Agror and Gilgit. They are associated with Chillis and share economic benefits with them in the communal resources. Chillis are associated with the Shin Manka in Kolai. John Biddulph describes that:

"In Patton Bhimlot, Mahrin, and Jamrah about 300 houses in all, the people speak a dialect known as Gowaro, and call themselves Gaware, or Gabore; they are sometimes also called Mahrons, from their principal village. According to their traditions, they came originally from Rashing in Swat."  (Biddulph 1880 A.D, p 10)

The remaining people of Gabaro tribe are settled in Swat and Dir who are called Kohistani. Some families are in Juglot who are known as Koloch there. Besides that their inhabitations are found in Gilgit, Allai and Topi (near Mardan) also. It is said about them that they had migrated from the surrounding areas of Swat. Most probably in the past these people were settled in Gibral valley near Kalam and may have migrated due to their local oppositions and pressures. Due to their coming from Gibral, they are called Gabaro.